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We got a call from a young Couple Mr.Aman & Mrs. Alpana Sinha to design their home at Mundeshwari Group Gardenia. The apartment was 1600 sft. Their requirement was very basic and clear that they wanted a fresh feel to the space, which gave us a free hand in the Design.

The repetition of random lines shows the young-ness that evolved through a lot of free hand sketches and re-imagination.

These lines add to a definition to the space of thinking beyond directions as a full of life family should be.


The puja room has been cleverly enclosed within the living room , just at the entrance .The jalis separate the space of Living and puja giving it a personal touch.

A tinge of blue and green adds warmth and freshness to the space. A series of cleverly selected artifacts and handmade lights added more to the decor of Space giving it an Indian touch to the Home.

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