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Another dream home delivered: This time it was in GaurCity 2, 10th Avenue Noida .
Our lovely college senior cum clients Tarun sir & Richa mam, made us visit their 1700 sqft. apartment and wanted us to design it in our own way.

The brief was clear and simple that the house should be well lighted and can accommodate all of their friends & guests. We had a open hand in the design,but the fixed budget. and timely delivery was the main challenge.


We focused more on movable furniture,adding life to wall with variety of wallpapers . The living room had no windows ,and we created a false window by placing an old window ( Jugaar)

This lovely couple ,one is from Jaipur and one from Patna.We had placed Rajasthani jharokhas and madhubani painting in their space to relate them with the roots.

The terrace was a hangout pad with all of their friends who are constantly pouring in for long chit chat and party sessions.

The project has been a quite challenging and interesting . We have completed this project in 10 days.

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