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Conservation & Transformation -
Area- 30,000 Sq.Ft

There never seems a debate over the fact that one day whatever is made is going to grow old. We also learn how the glories of the past needed to be preserved and the modernity of times shall flow in. When we had a look at the old club, we fancied how people would be coming in those old-time, laughter and view offering massive greenery would have been a treat to the eyes. Therefore having kept those in mind, we thought of long windows which were prominent in Victorian times and the beautiful time for Architecture that it was.

Every historical building has its own completely unique set of reasons that make it worth restoring. From the quirky charm of an uneven ceiling to the rustic appeal of exposed beams and an open fire, it is undeniable that old buildings have a character and personality all of their very own. Historical buildings are vital to the upkeep of the cultural significance of our country. It is, therefore, essential that we continue to devote time, money, and resources to the restoration and renovation of these heritage buildings and structures. We believe that the club that it was someday the club that it always was meant to be.

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