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Beautiful spaces deserves the personal touch"

When we were given this project , one thing we were sure was the clients taste and his liking for new products.

Client always had an up hand with new materials and smart storage of spaces.
Talking about son's room- A cricket critic by heart and popular in media celebrity who had a huge collection of Autographed souvenirs by various national and international players. The bedroom had to encompass the entire collections.

When said about drawing room, we had to increase their seating capacity as well as giving the room a grand aura


The choices and design were to match up with aura of bungalow that is around a century. It was a challenge to execute the project because the client was residing and everything had to be done step by step without creating inconvenience .

Client was too supportive. the design blended of modern with classical making it our one of the favorite project till date.

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